Collefrisio – wines that tell a story

On Friday, February 28, 2020, in an absolutely special location in Cluj-Napoca, Old Town Bar & Prosciutteria, there will be a tasting of wonderful wines, belonging to the Collefrisio winery in the Chieti region, Italy. I will tell you more details about the winery in a later material, but I want to give you only a small glimpse of what will happen tomorrow at the Old Town Bar & Prosciutteria.

We are talking about a tasting that will include 5 wonderful wines, 5 wines that whisper a story and make us fall in love with them. The evening will begin with Collefrisio Vignaquadra Pecorino, obtained from 00% Pecorino grapes, followed by another white wine, Collefrisio Confronto Bianco, a blend obtained from Pinot Grigio and Pecorino. After the white wines we will make the transition to the red ones. Our taste buds will enjoy Apassimento, obtained from 60% Montepulciano d ‘Abruzzo, 20% Sangiovese and 20% Merlot – three varieties that carry out this dance of love in a wonderful blend. We will stay in the red wine area with Collefrisio In & Out. I do not want to give you more details about this wine now, but I want to discover it together.

The evening will end with a special wine, Collefrisio Sotto Sopra, a sweet wine, traditional in the Abruzzo area, a wine obtained from Montepulciano d`Abruzzo but with a twist, the cherry liqueur, being a wine that is to be served well chilled.

Collefrisio vineyard was born in an area known for wine culture, in the Abruzzo region, on the Frisei hills in the province of Chieti, having an extremely favorable geographical context with influences from the mountain and from the sea, thus obtaining an ideal climate for wine and for grapes, because, we know very well, the quality starts from the vineyard. Collefrisio is currently in the third generation of winemakers, Amedeo De Luca and Antonio Patricelli.

A beautiful evening awaits us along with good wines and specific italian small snacks in the host’s company, Herbert Szasz, who will present the wines of the Collefrisio winery.

text: Yle Bocu

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