About Us

WOW online magazine had a promising debut in the fall of 2009 and established itself on the market through the desire to promote and support the standards of its customers, being also in the form of a guide that follows step by step the latest trends to define a personal style. The number of readers of the publication is constantly growing, ranging from 55,000 to 65,000 visitors per month with an average of reading materials between 1500 and 3500 per day. The increase in the number of readers each month proves that the main objective of the entire team is to offer the public an ever-improving product, both in terms of the diversity of content and the speed with which it reaches readers. Details about the WOW team can be found below.

Editorial content & Design

Yle (Ileana Bocu) – Editor in Chief  / Wine&WineStories promoter

Valy (Valentin Hârşan) – Sales Manager / Product Owner

Teodora Ciocănea – Content writer

Any (Ana- Maria Vlădean) – Secretary

Darius – Grafician/Content writer / Foto

Amalia (Amalia Cenuşa) – Content writer

Vaida Alexandru – Financial

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