Unlocking Global Connections: Transmondo Translation Services

Transmondo SRL is a limited liability company, proudly Romanian-owned and established in 1998. With over 12 years of experience, Transmondo consistently provides prompt, reliable, and high-quality translation services to its clients.

The core activity of Transmondo revolves around authorized and unauthorized translations in various fields, including administrative, educational, economic and financial, legal, notarial, technical, IT, medical, pharmaceutical, and more.

Moreover, Transmondo’s excellence is reflected in the wide variety of languages ​​in which translations are performed, including:

  • French, Italian, Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, Latin
  • English, German, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish
  • Hungarian
  • Bulgarian, Czech, Slovak, Polish, Serbian, Croatian, Slovenian, Russian, Ukrainian
  • Greek, Turkish, Albanian, Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, Chinese, Japanese

The team of translators at Transmondo consists of Ministry of Justice authorized translators, each of whom is an expert in their field with extensive experience.

In addition to translation services, Transmondo also offers interpretation, apostille, and consultancy services.

In other words, for over a decade, Transmondo has been a constant advocate for quality. The Transmondo agency offers quality translation services in the following languages:

  1. English, German, Hungarian, French, Italian, Spanish
  2. Dutch, Portuguese, Catalan, Bulgarian, Czech, Slovak, Polish, Serbian, Croatian, Slovenian, Ukrainian, Russian, Greek, Turkish, Albanian, Arabic
  3. Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Hebrew
  4. Latin, Persian, Chinese, Japanese, and more.

Additionally, we provide the following services:

  • Proofreading, technical editing, and revision
  • Page layout and graphic processing services
  • Interpretation
  • Subtitling

You can contact us via email at traduceri[at]tmo.ro. We provide translations in various domains:

  • Administrative: civil status and identity documents, driving licenses, criminal records, etc.
  • Educational: study documents (certificates, diplomas, transcripts, study plans, analytical programs, etc.)
  • Economic and financial: tender documentations, financial-accounting situations (balances, financial statements, account statements), financial and analytical studies, case studies, audit and financial reports, banking documents, credit files, business plans, market studies, product presentations, advertisements, catalogs, and brochures, etc.
  • Legal: legal documents: contracts (leasing, services, consultancy, employment contracts), conventions, regulations, constitutive acts, company statutes, court decisions, legislation, etc.
  • Technical: user manuals, maintenance manuals, projects, technical instructions, technical sheets, safety standards, product catalogs, specifications, etc.
  • Automotive: registration certificates, invoices, contracts, etc.
  • IT: websites and blogs, software, manuals, and instructions for hardware, etc.
  • Medical, pharmaceutical: medical certificates, medical records and reports, medical product presentations, user manuals for medical equipment, pharmaceutical product leaflets, etc.
  • Literary: publications, newspapers, cultural magazines, specialized literature, etc.

With Transmondo Translation Services, break language barriers and connect with the world seamlessly.

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