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I was telling you the other day about our extraordinary experience at People Pub – a chic and very welcoming place. I want to expand the article a bit and tell you about the dishes we tasted a few days ago, about the friendly atmosphere and about the wonderful people who make this place special for those who want to have a tailored culinary experience. 

After a successful event, Joie de Vivre Fiesta, where we had the opportunity to taste the wines of Cristophe Chapillon and taste the dishes of the People Pub kitchen, we returned here for an evening with friends, this time with romanian wines and of course dishes from the menu of this wonderful place, which quickly became my favorite. The evening started with Carassia, the well-known Blanc de Blancs Brut from Carastelec and I can say that I was impressed. We continued with a Fetească Albă from Liliac followed by a Fetească Regală from Stirbey, after which we started with the red wines. Feteasca Neagră from the Basilescu winery was a premiere for me, followed by Cantus Primus – an certified organic wine. It also slipped among these Romanian wonders a Sicilian wine, Castello Solicchiata, a wine with a special story worth tasting and I ended with Cuvee Alexandru from Serve, again a special wine from all points of view, with a history that will not be forgotten (all wines were briefly presented by Vlad Bibolar from HappyWines).

Of course, along with the magic liqueur, we must always serve either appetizers or a main course that accentuates the wonderful taste of the wine. For instance some fine cheese and charcutterie and I chose from the menu what attracted me, pork tenderloin served on a bed of celery puree, it is absolutely incredible. Because I love food and I’m always fascinated by a well-made plating, I “tortured” the audience a little before, because I really wanted to photograph these delicacies and I warmly suggest you come here to taste from the People Pub menu, whether you are locals or just passing through Cluj-Napoca. I can honestly say that here art is at home, and those who make each plate are artists from all points of view.

In addition, I was pleasantly surprised to learn from the wonderful people who own this place that most of the ingredients are brought from Italy to of course respect the quality and traditional recipes. The atmosphere is very beautiful, the music is good, the terrace is great. The list goes on, but I don’t want to put on paper all the words that define perfection, I want you to experience it yourself.

Text and pics by Yle Bocu

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