In the four days, over 277,000 fans celebrated the 5th edition of Neversea

In the four days, over 277,000 fans celebrated the 5th edition of the largest beach festival in Europe. The anniversary edition of Neversea was a memorable one!

J Balvin, headliner of the last night of Neversea, prepared an exceptional show for the tens of thousands of people at the mainstage.

The final night of the anniversary edition of Neversea, the most beautiful and colorful beach festival in Europe, was unique and provided incredible moments for the over 70,000 fans. National and international artists and DJs delivered amazing performances. Neversea Festival managed to offer a perfect mix of music genres, and over the course of the 4-day festival, 277,000 fans enjoyed the musical diversity, the sea, the sunrise, and memorable experiences with friends and the over 150 artists in the festival’s lineup.

“LOCO CON NEVERSEA” could describe the live performance of one of the most anticipated artists in this edition’s lineup, Colombian artist J Balvin, who delivered a total show.

As the most streamed Latin artist on Spotify, a three-time Grammy winner, and the man behind the most-watched music video by a Latin artist of all time on YouTube, Colombian artist J Balvin, “The Prince of Modern Reggaeton,” made his first appearance at Neversea and captivated his fans with a flawless live performance.

Tens of thousands of fans at the mainstage enjoyed every moment, singing and dancing like a true “latino gang.” Balvin interacted with the audience throughout and invited a Neversea festival fan on stage to perform “LA CANCIÓN” (J Balvin & Bad Bunny) together.
“Here I feel at home, I have the feeling that I am Romanian and could live here. Thank you and I love you!” These were the words addressed to the Neversea festival fans by J Balvin. As in every live appearance, the Colombian artist signed the famous sneaker and then offered it to a fan from the audience.

As a sign of appreciation for the festival fans, J Balvin premiered a song that he is set to release as an official single, and the audience went wild. Everyone at the mainstage demanded an encore, and Balvin responded affirmatively. He performed the song he collaborated on with Bad Bunny and Cardi B, the single “I Like It,” with over 1.7 billion streams on Spotify.

Another moment that took the beach party to another level was Salvatore Ganacci’s set. A nonconformist artist, the Swede was the “splash of color” at the anniversary edition of the Neversea festival. It wasn’t just a DJ set; it was a visual spectacle. Ganacci’s dance moves and jokes sparked bursts of laughter. Currently on a promotional tour for his new album, “Take Me To America,” Salvatore included a premiere in his mainstage live performance, his new single “Your Mother.”

Techno legend Paul Kalkbrenner managed to hypnotize his fans. A 90-minute live set, an emotional journey through underground techno culture, and the audience rejoiced with every beat. Everyone sang along when Kalkbrenner included his iconic production “Sky and Sand” in his live set. It was an authentic moment of joy for the German DJ and the tens of thousands of people at the mainstage.

At the end of the show, Paul Kalkbrenner bowed in front of the Neversea fans, and he stayed on stage for an encore.

Each of the four days of the Neversea festival brought joy to the fans who enjoyed the artists performing in Romania for the first time. American rapper Lil Uzi Vert was welcomed with immense enthusiasm by the Neversea fans. With a live show that included his most well-known songs from his discography, such as “XO Tour Lif3,” which has a record-breaking number of over 1.9 billion streams on Spotify, “Suicide Doors,” and “20 Min,” as well as songs from his latest album, “Pink Tape.” Lil Uzi Vert was impressed by the Neversea festival fans who presented him with an unexpected gift: a drawing featuring the artwork of his new music release. “Romania, you are incredible!” This was the way Lil Uzi Vert chose to express his gratitude to the tens of thousands of fans at the mainstage.

Alok, the DJ ranked 4th in the Top 100 DJ Mag’s list of the world’s greatest DJs, was one of the premieres offered by the Neversea organizers for the anniversary edition. Making his first appearance at the festival on the shores of the Black Sea, Alok prepared a surprise for the festival fans by inviting INNA on stage, with whom he released the hit song “It Don’t Matter.” It was a highly appreciated moment by the fans, as INNA proudly waved the national flag and performed alongside them. “Neversea, you are wonderful, Romania, I love you!” These were the words with which Alok concluded his set at the mainstage.

Australian artist Timmy Trumpet took the festival fun to the next level. With a combination of classical music and EDM Big Room, Trumpet premiered his latest single “Eternety” at Neversea.

The Neversea organizers prepared a live act for the fans on each of the four days of the festival. American artist Lil Pump, the headliner of the second day of fun on the shores of the Black Sea, was impressed by the reception from the Romanian audience, for whom he prepared a special show. The rapper performed alongside the crowd from the first to the last song, and at the end, he thanked the fans from Romania.
Ranked among the top 10 DJs in the world, Steve Aoki was eagerly awaited by the Neversea fans, a festival that the American DJ and producer loves. Aoki’s energy took the fun to the next level on the second day of the Neversea festival. The DJ had 20 cakes specially prepared for the famous “Cake Me!” moment.

Nigerian artist, composer, and producer CKay came to Romania for the first time on the third day of the biggest beach festival in Europe, Neversea. The Nigerian artist connected with the Romanian audience and performed “Love Nwantiti” together.

One of the most anticipated DJs at the Neversea mainstage was the master of future house, Don Diablo. The Dutch DJ, who is one of the most innovative artists in the electronic music scene, was extremely excited to reunite with his fans from Romania and abroad. As a sign of gratitude for their constant support, he prepared a special show for them. “Hello, Neversea! I love you and thank you!” This was Don Diablo’s message.

The fifth edition of the Neversea festival was filled with color, premiere songs, tears of joy, bursts of laughter, and dancing until sunrise. It was about the best group of friends singing along with their favorite artists at each of the festival’s six stages. Neversea 2023 was the place where we, together, created new memories.

The organizers have officially launched the registration for the 2024 edition:

All Neversea fans can sign up to be the first to benefit from special-priced tickets. Everyone who registers on the platform and completes the questionnaire will receive a 100 RON voucher that can be used towards the purchase of a festival pass.

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