Mornings with coffee scent

„Coffee connects us in so many ways – to each other, to our senses, and to the earth that supports the coffee trees.” –  Rohan Marley

The most important moment, at least for me, is my morning coffee. When I have time, usually at the end of the week, I prepare my coffee in the kitchen using a pot. I have always liked coffee prepared in a pot because the smell spreads throughout the house and gives me a sense of quietness, relaxation. Now that the weather is still with us, I chose to drink my coffee on the balcony and enjoy the beautiful weather and the sun rays. During the cold season, however, I prefer to take a generous cup of coffee back into bed under a soft and fluffy blanket and watch a movie.

How about starting your day with a very fragrant coffee?

The small roasting house Artizan from Cluj-Napoca offers you several types of coffee to enjoy in the cool autumn mornings and you can even choose the grinding method according to your preference to be able to serve this wonderful coffee. I have chosen the grinding method for coffee prepared in the pot, but you can choose the grinding for either the filter, espresso machine or moka pot.

Let’s talk about the coffee. The three available selections, which you can also order online, are Costa Rica San Rafael, Guatemala Santa Rosa Finca El Morito and Colombia Supremo Medellin. Each of these assortments has something totally special and if you’re really passionate about coffee, I suggest you try them all to see the difference between them.

Costa Rica San Rafael has a rich, intense aroma with a moderate acidity, and the geographical area where this coffee comes from, the region of the Tarrazu Mountains, favours the production of an exceptional coffee that manages to translate into the cup a gentle aroma with subtle chocolate notes. This coffee is recommended for espresso, moka pot, french press, pot but also for aero-press.

Colombia Medellin is the right coffee for any moment of the day. Usually, somewhere in the afternoon, after spending some hours in front of the laptop, this coffee is the perfect decision. With a moderate acidity, the coffee is distinguished by subtle notes of cocoa and walnut, but a very subtle note of peach is also noticed. This coffee is recommended for espresso, moka, french press, pot and for the aero-press.

Guatemala Santa Rosa Finca El Morito is perhaps the one that attracted my attention in particular. Because I like the well-defined flavours and notes, this coffee makes you discover her secrets. Subtle notes of cherry, hazelnuts and caramel are noted. The intense taste makes your thoughts fly far away. If you close your eyes for a few seconds when you relax with a cup of coffee you will feel like you are somewhere far away as if you are there in the places where this wonderful coffee bean comes from and you imagine every moment that led to its processing. This is your moment to relax and enjoy a quality coffee.

Artizan roasting house delivers wherever you want, so I suggest you do not think too much and decide what you want to try, because every beautiful day starts with a wonderful cup of coffee!

Text by Yleana Bocu

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