Mysteries of the Orient

„The mysterious is always attractive. People will always follow a vail.”- Bede Jarrett


Like the Orient that makes us dream of the beautiful 1001 Nights stories, a perfume has the ability to wake our senses and carry us on mysterious wings all to way to Dubai. Oriental fragrances are covered in mystery and tell about old times and old tales, about legends or beautiful women, about modernity and intense scents. People have five senses, and one of the most important is the smell, because it always guides us and makes us discover wonderful things.

Fragrances have always been seen as a special element, a defining element in a woman’s toilet, and can therefore be considered a true art because the production of a perfume, a blend of essential oils, is something absolutely special. When you come in contact with them, you will be captivated by the smells that will be impregnated in your skin and will translate you into a world of odors from the past but sprinkled with the flavor of modernity. From subtle notes of rose or jasmine, from musk, coffee or cardamom, amber, vanilla and saffron, the perfumes of Sterling House in Dubai, represented in Cluj by Stelline by Marab Perfumery, tell you something beautiful, something worthy of exploration, they tell you about oriental beauty and mysteries, and challenge you to discover their secrets. What you’ll notice from the very first moment is the unique and extravagant design that fits perfectly with the origin of these perfumes. Sterling’s perfumes are inspired by 1001 Nights, but the influences from the French luxury perfumes are also noticeable. The four established brands are ARMAF, SALVEZZA, TAYIIB and HAMIDI. I had the opportunity to indulge myself with more perfumes, to test them and to choose the one that suits me best and which best reflects my personality. And because I could not tell you about them in a different way, I selected a few and took them into an exploratory story through nature.

Alia is a gourmet fragrance, but at the same time very balanced and I can fit it as perfect for a young person but who wants to attract the attention of others. Although the notes are spicy, they blend perfectly with the floral notes.

Velvet Oud is remarkable in intensity, through citrus notes from the beginning that turn into contact with the skin in something much deeper. You are surrounded by a scent of cinnamon, musk and aromatic herbs. It’s perfect for a strong personality.

Opulent Musk is the definition of strong notes. With this pregnant, savage and extravagant fragrance you will be no longer anonymous if you are the adept of spicy notes. Note the notes of musk, cedar and sandalwood with a slight inclination to the floral notes.

Club de Nuit- Women is my choice, because it charmed me from the first time. The moment I tried it, I was surprised by the subtle notes of sweetness, but without being heavy, it is a fresh scent. Lures you in a state of well-being, discovery, transposes you into a world in which you will feel queen. It is a strong and respectable woman’s fragrance.

And although I thought he would choose Club Nuit Intense Man by Amaf, which I liked because of the distinct notes of citrus, apples and blackcurrants, rose and jasmine, he chose De La Marque Brune – Armaf, an absolute combination with notes of cedar, vanilla and amber and which, I confess to you, I tried it several times because I love it and because it is simply spectacular.

Opulance is a typical male fragrance with notes that remind me of fir, cinnamon, a strong smell that makes you a star, so I chose to give it a set-up that best expresses these subtle notes of fir, wood, amber and musk. 

Qaa`Ed by Lattafa is mysterious, tempting with a strong smell of amber and musk, with herbs like savory and a vanilla note on the end that proves to be the highlight for a strong sex fragrance. I did not think for a moment what would mean telling you about my experience with perfumes, because it was an absolute sensory one. It’s exciting how we can make the difference between so many fragrances and manage to choose what is right for us. I discovered Stelline By Marab Parfumery and I strongly recommend you to take time for a test session. I’m sure you will find what you are looking for, especially if you want something special, just as you are.

Text and pics by Yleana Bocu

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