Untold Unleashed: A Journey Through Record-Breaking Triumphs and Musical Marvels of Untold 2023- Day 2

Record-breaking attendance at Untold! Over 115,000 fans exceeded the threshold of the Untold realm on the day Imagine Dragons made history in Romania.

“For the first time in Romania, you are an incredible audience! Tonight, we’ve received nothing but love from you. Thank you for the journey.” – Dan Reynolds (Imagine Dragons)

The second day of the journey into the enchanting universe of Untold was an absolutely extraordinary experience for the enthusiastic crowd of over 115,000 festival fans, hailing from more than 100 countries worldwide. In a mesmerizing spectacle, the Untold mainstage transformed into a massive realm of joy and intense emotions, where all present shared in the presence of the world’s greatest artists.

The live performance by the band Imagine Dragons, the most anticipated moment of this year’s Untold festival, was out of this world. It was a journey into a realm where the only thing that mattered was the connection between people, music, and emotion.

In this created world, all barriers between artist and audience vanished. The members of Imagine Dragons gave their all on stage, and Dan Reynolds’ impressive vocals infused emotion and authenticity into every song performed.

“Radioactive”, “Demons”, “Enemy”, “Thunder”, “Bad Liar”, “Believer”, “Whatever It Takes”, “Bones”, “Natural”, “Follow You”, and “Walki

ng The Wire” – each song brought people together regardless of age or culture; kids, teenagers, adults, everyone sang along.

Tens of thousands of voices joined the band, and the moment was truly magical. Emotion filled the audience and the stage alike. Dan Reynolds, the lead singer of Imagine Dragons, was overwhelmed by the energy of the Untold fans, bowing before them: “We love you! Thank you for this moment and for being together with us. The only thing that matters is love, and you’ve given it to us!”

Dan Reynolds, Daniel Platzman, Wayne Sermon, and Ben McKee, the members of Imagine Dragons, delivered an incredible performance, and at the end of the show, they bowed before the tens of thousands of festival fans.

Olly Murs, one of the most charismatic artists in the music industry, was one of the delightful surprises offered by the creators of Untold for the eighth chapter of the emotionally charged story at Cluj Arena. The British artist expressed his love for the magic that this festival manages to create and prepared a unique live show concept for the tens of thousands of fans.

Another moment that took the fun from the mainstage to another level was Salvatore Ganacci’s set. A nonconformist artist, the Swede didn’t just offer Untold fans a DJ set; it was a visual spectacle, with Ganacci’s dance moves and jokes inducing fits of laughter. On a promotional tour for his new album, “Take Me To America,” Salvatore danced alongside the attendees at Cluj Arena and immersed himself in the sea of the crowd.

One of the most sought-after DJs in 2022, Alesso, was enthusiastically embraced by the fans, who danced to his most well-known tracks, from “Calling (Lose My Mind)” and “Under Control” to “If I Lose Myself,” and “When I’m Gone” (feat. Katy Perry), and “Words” (feat. Zara Larson). The Swedish DJ expressed his excitement about the reception from Untold fans, being moved by the reactions of those who awaited and saw him on the mainstage.

Tujamo is one of the DJs with a massive fan base in Romania, a country he fondly returns to each time. The charismatic German DJ was joyously welcomed by the Untold fans who danced alongside him until sunrise.

The Untold experience was completed on the mainstage by Justin Jesso and Delia. Artists from the Galaxy, Alchemy, Daydreaming, Fortune, Time, Tram, and Retro stages gathered tens of thousands of fans on the second day of Untold.

As always, the most renowned names in trap, hip-hop, drum’n’bass, and dubstep attracted thousands of fans to the Alchemy stage. The second day of the Untold festival brought forth a magical atmosphere at Alchemy, hosting performances by: Șatra B.E.N.Z, Rava, Azteca, Nane, Amuli, Gheboasa, and American DJ Valentino Khan.

The techno temple, the Galaxy stage, played host to the biggest names in the underground scene, as well as a premiere concept – Masquerade, featuring Germany’s Claptone and their guests, Route 69 and Juliet Sikora. The duo Camelphat, Bedouin, Mathame, and Sublee completed the Galaxy lineup on the festival’s second day.

Tonight, the Untold mainstage will open with B Jones, followed by WizTheMC, Thievery Corporation, French Montana, Zhu, Eric Prydz, Martin Garrix, and DJ Bliss.

Festival access starts at 4:00 PM.

Untold fans can register for the 2024 edition of the festival by visiting: https://untold.com/register

Photo and video credits: ewow.news, untold.com

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