A Day in London

Spending a day in London


London can be overwhelming. The diversity, the multitude of nationalities, of people, of historic landmarks – is mind blowing.

Take it easy, as they say. You don’t have to see everything in one day. You can’t see everything in one day.

Pick your interests. You want Royal London, ok. You want Art London, Stylish London, Business London, Historic London – also ok.

You can also choose a fast-tracking London in one day, and cover (almost) everything.

It really depends on who you are and what you want.

Knightsbridge can be a starting point. Museums, shops, Hyde Park. You can wander about the famous Harrod’s, visit Victoria & Albert Museum or Natural History Museum. Or have a nice brunch at one of the best halal restaurants in London (if you like Lebanese Kitchen or want to try it). Of course, you should go and see The Albert Memorial, in Hyde Park, Royal Albert Hall or Kensington Palace.

After words, have a walk in Hyde Park, go and see the Diana Memorial Walk and delight yourself on the beauties that only the oldest park in London has. More than 500 years. That’s something that never changed in half a century. No matter the politics, Hyde Park has the same surface it always had.

After having a bash in Hyde Park and Knightsbridge, you can go and have a shopping spree in Mayfair. Then, a nice, cosy walk towards Buckingham Palace and Westminster. Then, It’s Covent Garden. Wine tastings, nice restaurants and good time.

As they said for tens of years, This Is London.

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