This is London

All major news in the world start like that. But what is London? What’s it like to live in London? How does it feel?

I know that every employee in a major corporation would like a #teambuilding in London. Why? Because, apart from history, you can have fun! I lived in London for years and it never stopped to amaze me.

I know that everyone who thinks of #london only sees fog, smog, rain and grey, Dickensian, buildings. I’ll bring you some news. London has a micro-climate closer to south of France than the far North. Also, it has more than 230 museums, mostly with free entry, and the most spectacular gastronomy in the world, due to its more than 300 nationalities who live within the city.

I know team-buildings are rather a boring affair. What I want to give you is a hassle free, different kind of team-building, one you can enjoy by knowing the best city in the world, walking, visiting and having a great time!

Cool Tour London is here for you! Every tour we make is entirely bespoke, according to your wish list. We also arrange for reservations (hotels, restaurants, events) and we follow your lead to give the best experience of London!

Call/WhatsApp at +447415898222 or email at [email protected].

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