RO-Wine | The International Wine Festival of Romania 2023: A Celebration of Wine and Culture in the Heart of Transylvania

One of Transylvania’s biggest Wine Festival was held at Chios Social Lounge, in one of the iconic buildings of the Cluj-Napoca, the former Skating Pavilion, located in the heart of Central Park (now Simion Bărnuțiu Park), one of the first public gardens in Europe. RO-Wine | The International Wine Festival of Romania was one of the most eagerly anticipated events in the wine world of Romania. The festival, dedicated to wine and wine enthusiasts who appreciate the grape and its magical elixir, provided an ideal forum for exchanging opinions and enjoying the company of fellow wine enthusiasts right in the heart of Transylvania.

The festival provided an opportunity to discover new wines and taste old favorites, including beloved indigenous varieties and foreign varieties, allowing participants to experiment and discover the secrets of grapes in a glass. Making new friends and reuniting with old ones, the festival created an ideal atmosphere for discussing opinions about the world of wine. Tasting high-quality wines offered unique stories and connections while creating beautiful moments and memories.

Describing the experience of RO-Wine is not an easy task. It’s an event that has to be lived, felt, and tasted to truly appreciate its magic. Words cannot fully capture the atmosphere of RO-Wine, where wine enthusiasts from all over the world gather to celebrate and discover the wonderful world of Romanian and international wines. The event’s location at CHIOS Social Lounge, in the heart of Cluj-Napoca’s Central Park, adds to its charm and elegance. To truly understand the beauty of RO-Wine, one must attend and immerse themselves in the sensory delights of the event.

Marinela Ardelean, co-organizer of, RO-Wine | The International Wine Festival of Romania, offered her reflections about the festival and the world of Romanian wine, stating that the festival was an event that made everyone feel at home due to its wine culture, which is at the top level, the interest in Romanian and international top level wines, and the participation of over 3,500 wine lovers from Oradea, Cluj, Sibiu, Bucharest, and other regions.

Romania’s youngest winemaker, Sergiu Savu, commented on the festival, saying that it is one of the most important wine festivals in Cluj-Napoca, bringing together wine lovers in Transylvania and connecting them with young people passionate about Romanian and international wines, helping secure Romanian Wine Brands. Cluj, being a Youth City, is “The City that Never Sleeps,” adding more excitement to the event.

We have also included a media gallery with pictures and videos from the festival, and we will continue to update the article with more materials.

Photo and video credits:Vasea Azoiței, Adrian Vultur, Casian Popa

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