A winery to look for: COPPI

All began in 1882. The famous winery was established on this date by a visionary winemaker from Turi. The company’s limestone regions were reorganised in 1929 by Antonio Zaccheo, the owner at the time, under the direction of renowned architect Francesco Schettini.

Antonio Coppi, a winemaker, started working with other professionals in the cellar in the late 1960s with the zeal and commitment of a young guy who loved his work and that special universe made of scents, dirt, and must.

The wines are exquisite and one can really feel the passion and commitment put into their making. Almost like hand made jewellery.

Primitivo made by COPPI has a soft, long aftertaste, which takes you to Puglia, Italy, with it’s endless wineries and fantastic warm climate.

We had the honor of tasting three of their Primitivo: Siniscalco, Don Antonio, Vanitoso

Look for it and give it a try!

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