Carpathian Single Malt Whisky, Transylvania

Alexandrion Group, has introduced its extended range of Carpathian Single Malt Whisky in Transylvania, which is a strategic region for the company’s business. The range, which has expanded to 13 expressions in under a year, was presented to whisky aficionados at an event in Cluj-Napoca, at the Bardot bar.

We had the honor of participating at this event and our experience was truly enriching and we were delighted to have the opportunity to share our ideas with such a diverse and engaged audience

This event was the first of a regional events series that Carpathian Single Malt Whisky will organize this year to reach all those interested in trying the first-ever single malt whisky produced entirely in Romania. Dr. Nawaf Salameh, the Founding Chairman of the Alexandrion Group, stated that they aimed to travel throughout the country with Carpathian Single Malt and give everyone the opportunity to try a single malt whisky produced entirely in Romania using the highest quality natural resources. Through these events, they also wanted to thank all those who supported them since the launch of the project and who live in different regions of the country. The Carpathian Single Malt Whisky range has expanded to 13 expressions, including Feteasca Neagra, Pinot Noir, Madeira, Chianti, Oloroso, Pedro Ximenez, Tawny Port, Burgundy, Cognac, Amarone, Ruby Port, Vradiano, and Commandaria, which was created exclusively for the Cyprus and Greece markets. The range’s most recent expressions are Amarone, Ruby Port, and Vradiano, which belong to the Italian Wine Cask Collection, Spanish & Portuguese Wine Cask Collection, and Greek & Cypriot Wine Cask Collection, respectively. Carpathian Single Malt Amarone, which is part of the Italian Wine Cask Collection, was initially matured in hand-selected American white oak ex-Kentucky Bourbon 200L barrels and then carefully transferred for finishing in 225L Amarone wine barrels from a family winery located in Fumane, Valpolicella region, Italy. The Ruby Port expression stands out with a special sweetness, with red fruit hints that perfectly complement the vanilla notes conveyed by the bourbon barrel in which it was matured. The Greek Vradiano wine influences the taste of the new Carpathian Single Malt Vradiano expression with its balanced vanilla hints.

Carpathian Single Malt is available for consumers and shoppers in Romania in the 0.7 L version via the online shop, part of the Alexandrion Group, and via the brand website It is also available in premium specialized shops, HoReCa and retail locations, and other specialized e-commerce platforms throughout Romania. The Carpathian Single Malt Whisky is produced entirely from Romanian ingredients, using 100% malted barley produced in Romania. This single malt is distilled, matured, and bottled at the Alexandrion Saber 1789 Distilleries, located in Bucov, Prahova county, near the Carpathian Mountains. Carpathian Single Malt is made with pure Sub-Carpathian water, renowned for its quality, is natural in color with nothing added or removed, non-chill filtered to retain all the natural color and flavor, and bottled at 46% alcohol. Furthermore, Carpathian Single Malt also has expressions matured in Romanian wine casks, another world premiere in terms of single malt production. Alexandrion Group becomes one of the few companies in the world that use casks from their own wine production facilities to mature single malt whisky. In conclusion, the extended range of Carpathian Single Malt Whisky is another success for the Alexandrion Group. Their intention to make long-term investments in several sectors, including the whisky industry, has proved to be fruitful, as they have been able to expand their range of single malt whiskies to 13 expressions in under a year. With their focus on using high-quality natural resources and ingredients from Romania, they have created a unique product that is gaining popularity among whisky lovers.

The company’s commitment to reaching out to their supporters and potential customers through regional events is a commendable effort, and it is likely to further increase their popularity. With expressions matured in Romanian wine casks, Alexandrion Group has shown their innovation and dedication to the whisky industry. The Carpathian Single Malt Whisky range is available for purchase online and in various retail locations throughout Romania, making it easily accessible for consumers.

Overall, Alexandrion Group’s extended range of Carpathian Single Malt Whisky is a testament to their dedication to producing high-quality products using natural resources from Romania. With their expanding range of expressions and commitment to innovation and sustainability, they are poised for continued success in the whisky industry.

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