Massif: Empowering the Local Community with Over 4.2 Million Euros



The first edition of the Massif festival was a success, bringing over 100 Romanian and international artists to Poiana Brașov, as well as over 38,000 participants. All of them enjoyed music, mountains, and winter sports at the 3 stages at the base of the Bradu slope and at the 3 partner apres-ski locations: Nuba Chalet, Yager Chalet, and Kupa. For the first edition, the UNTOLD UNIVERSE group invested a budget of over 3.5 million euros.

The festival attracted fun lovers from all over the country. According to official data, out of all participants, 31% were from Brașov, 18% from Cluj-Napoca, 17% from Bucharest, with the remaining 34% from other areas of the country. Those who came from outside Brașov stayed in the city at the foot of the mountains or in Poiana Brașov. In the resort, Massif’s 3-star partner hotels had an occupancy rate of over 70%, while 4-star hotels had over 80%.

According to estimates, participants from outside Brașov spent an average of 470 euros per person over the 3 festival days. This means an infusion of capital into the local community of over 4.2 million euros, money that went to local businesses (restaurants, cafes, private transportation, malls), hotels, and property owners who provided accommodation during the festival.

DRAGOȘ ANASTASIU, INVESTOR IN THE MASSIF PROJECT One of the individuals who believed in the potential of the Massif project from the first edition is the successful Romanian entrepreneur Dragoș Anastasiu. He joined the UNTOLD UNIVERSE group in organizing the festival, acquiring a package of shares in the company that launched the project in Poiana Brașov. Dragoș Anastasiu is the founder of the Eurolines Group, whose most important business lines cover the hospitality industry – Green Village 4* Resort and Valea Verde Retreat, as well as a significant segment of the car rental industry through Enterprise Rent A Car.

“I admire the courage and determination of the UNTOLD Universe team to carry forward their dreams, to overcome all obstacles of the past 3 years without losing their desire to innovate and bring joy to the audience. I am glad to be close to them in this new project and I trust that it will grow and develop,” declares Dragoș Anastasiu.

FESTIVAL TOURISM, A MASSIVE OPPORTUNITY FOR POIANA BRAȘOV Massif has positioned the Poiana Brașov resort on the festival map, both through participants, artists and their teams, as well as through journalists and celebrities who attended the first edition. Dimitri Vegas, MORTEN, Topic, Quintino, MATTN, Kadebostany, Delia, Inna, Grasu XXL, Ștefania, Dirty Nano, Pascal Junior, Killa Fonic, Azteca, Ian, Oscar are among those who performed on the main stage of Massif over the 3 festival days. Over 100 artists from Romania and abroad performed on the 6 Massif stages. Undoubtedly, Massif will become an international attraction, considering that in Europe there is only one other similar winter festival, which combines winter sports with festival fun. Thus, Poiana Brașov has a great opportunity to be among the few destinations in Europe to host an event of such magnitude. Moreover, the long-term vision of the Massif organizers is to transform Poiana Brașov into the most attractive mountain resort in Europe for young people, through the series of events organized. The next edition of the Massif festival will be in the winter season of 2024. Until then, the UNTOLD Universe team is exploring other projects to enhance the tourist resort. The festival venue, which is not otherwise used throughout the year, could be enhanced to become an attraction for both the Brasov community and tourists, offering a complement to the services and attractions currently available in Poiana Brașov.

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